About Visible Health

At Visible Health our team of clinicians, designers, and engineers are on a mission to unlock the power of sharing and collaboration in managing health.

Our People

John Cox

CEO and Founder

Co-Founder of Escalation Point, Ex-Trilogy (Austin, TX), UCLA Anderson MBA, Biomedical Engineering MSE from the University of Texas and BS from the University of Southern California

Dave Raring

COO and Founder

Co-Founder and COO of Escalation Point, original architect for McKesson Diagnostics Exchange, ex-Trilogy, ex-3M engineer, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis

Alex Kutikov, MD

Co-Chief Clinical Officer and Founder

Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia, PA), Co-Founder of UrologyMatch.com, Harvard Medical School, Emory University Woodruff Scholar

Todd Morgan, MD

Co-Chief Clinical Officer and Founder

Assistant Professor of Urologic Oncology at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), Co-Founder of UrologyMatch.com, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

Bernard Froidcoeur

Vice President of Client Services

Ex-Nike (Portland, OR), Ex-Autodesk (Portland, OR), UC-Irvine MBA, Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, PMP

Eric Hochhalter

Director of Product Management

Can juggle and dance like no one is watching.

Chris Lambe

Software Engineer

Front and back end developer with over a decade of experience building things with code.

Jonathan Kerls

Software Engineer

Shawn McBride

Software Engineer

Caleb Cushing

Software Engineer

Desmond Ng

Software Engineer

Our Story

  • Escalation Point Founded

    October 2008

    Escalation Point was founded as a product consultancy. Our first project was research and prototyping of the Diagnostics Benefit Management solution for Matthew Zubiller at McKesson.

  • UrologyMatch as a Customer

    November 2009

    UrologyMatch, co-founded by Drs. Alex Kutikov and Todd Morgan, hires Escalation Point to maintain and grow the leading forum for medical school students considering careers in Urology.

  • iPad Launched, drawMD Conceived

    April 2010

    On the day the first iPads were received, Alex, Todd and John brainstormed the creation of the first drawMD for Urology (working title, UroSketch).

  • drawMD Urology Released

    Nov 2010

    The first drawMD app, drawMD Urology, was released in partnership with Boston Scientific's Urology marketing team. The app was one of the very first Urology-specific applications in the Apple App Store.

  • drawMD Expands Into More Specialties

    April 2011

    drawMD goes multi-specialty with the releases of drawMD Anesthesia and Critical Care (April 2011) and drawMD Orthopedics (May 2011).

  • drawMD Cardiology and General Surgery Released

    August 2011

    drawMD Cardiology (August 2011) and drawMD General Surgery (September 2011) are released. These are two of the most popular drawMD apps to-date.

  • Visible Health, Inc. Founded

    Feb 2012

    Visible Health, Inc. was founded as a separate company to pursue the opportunity indicated by the success of the drawMD applications.

  • drawMD 3.0 Released with OB/GYN App

    Feb 2013

    The first major update to the drawMD platform, drawMD 3.0 incorporated significant design and usability changes, also improving our ability to deliver content for more clinical specialties.

  • KDIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines App Released

    Nov 2013

    Developed in partnership with KDIGO, the KDIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines app brings Nephrology guidelines to the iPad. This app is a first step in improving the way guidelines are utilized at the point of care.

  • GenomeDx Decipher Portal Professional App Released

    May 2014

    Created for GenomeDx Biosciences, the Decipher Portal Professional app is a companion to the Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier genomic test, helping physicians understand how the test works, providing resources to explain the test and its results to patients, and operational tools for delivering reports, checking order status, and more.

  • Escalation Point and Visible Health Merger

    Oct 2014

    Visible Health and Escalation Point formally merge under the Visible Health name to pursue the goal of delivering innovative healthcare technology for providers and patients based on the Visible Health Connect platform.

  • Ureteral Stent Pathways Project Goes into Pilot

    January 2015

    Being developed with the support and in collaboration with Boston Scientific, Ureteral Stent Pathways is a simple workflow application to help providers keep track of indwelling ureteral stents. The project launched into pilot with a handful of Urology practices in January 2015.

  • Ureteral Stent Tracker Launched at AUA

    May 2015

    The Ureteral Stent Tracker was launched by Boston Scientific at the American Urological Association conference in New Orleans. Available to Boston Scientific ureteral stent customers, the UST application helps eliminate the problem of forgotten indwelling ureteral stents.

  • drawMD Unity Launched

    January 2016

    drawMD Unity is a major update to the drawMD application. Combining all specialty content into a single, multi-platform application, drawMD Unity is the future of patient education.

  • Endoscopic Stent Tracker Available for Limited Launch

    June 2016

    Developed in collaboration with Boston Scientific's Endoscopy division, the EST application is intended to help clinicians improve workflow, protocol adherence, clinical data collection, and patient safety related to endoscopic stent procedures. The initial limited launch is focused on the AXIOS line of lumen-apposing metal stents.

  • drawMD Practice Enters Pilot Use

    September 2016

    A practice edition of drawMD begins pilot use with a select number of sites.

  • Endoscopic Stent Tracker 2.0 aka Case Manager

    January 2017

    With the 2.0 release of EST our device tracking applications are based off a common case tracking framework known as Case Manager. Case Manager supports collaborative management of clinical cases around a wide array of devices and procedures.