Visible Health Angular SDK 0.26.1

Visible Health maintains a private library of custom Angular JavaScript UI components and services for our web and mobile apps which we call our Software Developer’s Kit. Today we released the vh-wizard and vh-horizontal-list to our developers.

These easy to reuse Angular components will enable our developers to build interfaces more quickly and with higher quality and consistency. Using SDK components also makes it easier for us write new user features one time and deploy that effort across all our applications.

vh-wizard provides a convenient way for creating multi-tabbed dialogs for data input. It transcludes tab components and tracks the state of the wizard overall. For example, the wizard cannot submit unless all tabs are valid. Tabs cannot be navigated if any one tab is in edit mode (rather than read mode). It also stores a namespaced localstorage cache of the state and data of the wizard and its transcluded components so it can restore an interrupted wizard.

vh-horizontal-list presents thumbnails of objects in a scrollable horizontal list bar. It has two modes: 1) Recessed, which is for picker UIs where the user needs to build and order a list of items from an external list of options (think of it as a shopping cart that the user can reorder), and 2) Overlay, which is great for presenting a list or for building a list by adding new blank instances of the same object.

We are all very excited to start including these features in all our apps. Look for vh-horizontal-list coming soon in Endoscopy Stent Tracker.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development