Visible Health Angular SDK 0.27.0

This release introduces simple Coachmarks features to the VH SDK.

Coachmark Dialog Component and Service

These provide the ability to trigger a modal window that contains multiple pages/slides of text and image/video to explain how to use new features. These Coachmarks track whether the currently signed in (or anonymous) user has seen a given Coachmark before, so users don’t have to see the same thing twice. Coachmarks are managed content, so it is easy to deploy new coachmarks to an application without any change in source code.

Pagination Component

This release includes a reusable component for controlling multi-slide windows and carousels, vh-pagination. Since we use this pattern in many user interfaces, this will help save a lot of time and keep UIs consistent.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development