A new drawMD--Medical Art for All!

I am proud to announce the release of the newest version of drawMD on all devices, to everyone! That’s right, we now have medical art for all our specialties available on tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops in a single app. The drawMD web app runs on Chrome, Safari, and Edge and we offer a mobile app for Android, with iOS and Surface soon to follow.

More importantly, now anyone can use drawMD! Any clinician may subscribe to a free drawMD Personal account with access to core medical art and basic features, or you may choose to buy our drawMD Professional subscription which unlocks Cloud Sync and many more features to come as we grow! Organizations participating in our drawMD Practice pilot program and drawMD Sponsored users will continue to enjoy drawMD with all of our premium features, just the same as drawMD Pro users.

As ever, we enthusiastically welcome your feedback (insider tip: use the submit form inside the application for priority response). It is our goal to very quickly deploy enhancements and new features that will make the biggest difference to the most people; the more you talk to us about your experiences the sooner drawMD will better fit your needs. Ask for Eric in your feature requests to bring them to the top of my attention. I look forward to meeting you.

The most impactful feature in this release is the drawMD Content Library. Free, Pro, and Practice users may browse our core library of medical art and add to your account an unlimited number of template packs covering several medical specialties. The Template Pack information and Template information screens allow you to evaluate background art and stamps before you add them to ‘My Content’. Once added, templates appear in ‘My Templates’ where they can be favorited for conveniently launching presentations with the art you use most.

We enhanced the Template information screen with a new layout that looks great on any screen size and gives us more room to grow for additional data and actions as we continue to add more power to medical presentations.

And we have also been busy crushing bugs. We repaired some clunkiness in the Presentations view, including some problems with Cloud Sync. Learn More is looking its best across all platforms and sizes, where it once struggled in landscape aspect ratios. And there are many small cosmetic and performance improvements throughout.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development