drawMD 1.12

This release enables some exciting capabilities for drawMD clinical consultants, with the ability to interact and share draft drawing templates and Rockstar Presentations. The Rockstar Presentations have been enhanced to support independent slides, which can be created from any background. drawMD Practice users can now see who else in their organization has authored drawings. Additionally there are some minor bug fixes and internal stability updates.

Draft drawing templates

We introduced the draft drawing templates feature in drawMD 1.11, and have continued to improve this for our clinical consultants. This feature, available to users that work with us to create new drawing templates, allows us to publish and update drawing backgrounds, stamps, and template information in real time, dramatically reducing effort and cycle time to deliver new content into the application.

coming soon menu
draft templates list
draft template canvas

If you’re interested in requesting new drawing templates as a clinical consultant just email us at drawmd@visiblehealth.com.

Rockstar presentations

Rockstar presentations are pre-made, multi-slide clinical presentations that are authored by clinical consultants to be made available to all users. They are designed to be flipped through with a click of the mouse or swipe of the finger, as an alternative to marking up drawings in real-time. They can also be shared as really attractive multi-page patient handouts complete with notes for each slide. Take a look:

Rockstar presentations are available only to clinical consultants. If you’re interested in creating one just email us at drawmd@visiblehealth.com and we’ll get you started.

Presentation author for drawMD Practice users

drawMD Practice users have shared lists of saved presentations in drawMD, allowing for the easy sharing and standardization of drawings amongst team members. We’ve now included the presentation author’s name in saved presentation list

shared presentations list
presentation detail with author

As always, we also included a handful of bug fixes, as well as performance and infrastructure work to continue to stablize and improve the application.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development