drawMD 1.14

Another minor release, but a couple of exciting and oft-requested additions: landscape, Chinese, and custom presentations for Sponsored Users.

Landscape orientation on tablets

Users of the Android and iOS apps on tablets can now enjoy drawMD in landscape orientation. Phone form factors are locked to portrait orientation. And web users have freedom to use a variety of screen sizes and orientations.

Landscape orientation on the iPad

Translated into Simplified Chinese

We have a lot of users in China, so we figured it was time to make the leap. All of the main application elements are translated into Simplified Chinese. Content titles and descriptions are in English only throughout the application.

drawMD in Simplified Chinese
drawMD in Simplified Chinese
drawMD in Simplified Chinese

Custom presentations for Sponsored Users

The custom presentations feature introduced in drawMD 1.13 is now available to Sponsored Users that receive licenses through drawMD partners like Astellas Pharma Australia. Upload your own images to draw and share.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development