drawMD Gets Easier and Multilingual!

Visible Health is excited to announce an update to drawMD, version 1.7, that is now available on the web, in Google Play for Android, and in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. This update greatly simplifies the registration process, provides support for five languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Dutch), and includes performance improvements in the templates list view. Concurrent with the release we also have some new artwork available to all users in the Content Library.

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Greatly Simplified Registration

We have substantially streamlined the registration process for all types of accounts to save time and reduce frustration when signing up for drawMD. Now you can get started with only an email address and a password, reducing the time and taps it takes to get drawing!

Simplified drawMD Registration

Support for Five Languages

In addition to English, drawMD is now offered in Spanish, French, Russian, and Dutch. The translations apply to the basic features throughout the application but not to the artwork titles and descriptions (we’re still working on that). The language that appears in the application depends on your locale or language settings on your desktop/laptop, your iOS device or your Android device. We’ve also translated the app store entries for both Google Play and the Apple App Store to make it easier to find drawMD and understand what it does.

drawMD in Spanish
drawMD in French
drawMD in Dutch
drawMD in Russian

We are excited to be able to better serve our users around the world! If you have a request for another language or some feedback on our translations please let us know at drawmd@visiblehealth.com.

New Artwork for Hypospadias, LVAD, and ERCP

Based on feedback and in collaboration with some of our users, we’ve added some new artwork to drawMD. We added an entirely new Pediatric Urology II template featuring hypospadias into the Urology Template Pack. We’ve also added a new ERCP template into the Gastroenterology Template Pack that includes a series of stamps that help you quickly and effectively explain the procedure. Finally, we’ve added a number of stamps to help explain LVADs to the Valves & Cardiomyopathies template in the Cardiology Template Pack.

drawMD ERCP template
drawMD LVAD stamps

As with all of our drawing templates, we appreciate the support of our community of users. If you have suggestions for additional templates or changes to existing templates please contact us at drawmd@visiblehealth.com.

We hope you enjoy this update and as always please let us know about features and artwork that you’d like to see in drawMD.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development