Welcome to the New drawMD.

It’s official. drawMD 3.6 for iPad will be the final version of drawMD’s specialty apps on iPad. Also official: drawMD 1.9 for iOS, Android, and Web is released.

Simplified drawMD Registration

We invite all of our users to join us on our new platform on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Web and bring all of your saved drawings along with you. Our new app will store your data in the cloud, so you can resume work on any device. The new drawMD contains all artwork for all specialties, so whatever condition you encounter, you can explain it in a single app. You will always be able access most of the features the old app offered for free. Over time, the new drawMD will release additional more powerful patient education and collaboration tools for our paid subscribers. As we add features that are valuable to you, we invite you to upgrade to a paid drawMD Professional or drawMD Practice account.

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What’s new in drawMD 1.9

To make the transition smoother, drawMD 1.9 adds support for migrating saved drawings from our old system to our new presentations format. For those who are already with us, we also made it easier to sign in, easier to share notes with patients, and easier to learn your way around the app should you need any help.

Mobile users can now enjoy starting up drawMD without having to sign in a second time — ever. All you need to do is make sure you have iOS Passcode / TouchID or Android Screen Lock activated in your OS settings, and the next time you sign into drawMD with your password will be the last time we ask for it. Unless, of course, you choose to sign out.

No more sign in screen
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Paid subscribers can now save boilerplate notes to a saved presentation, which can be reused for customizing and sharing a beautiful PDF handout customized to each patient. Saved drawings migrated from specialty iPad apps convert Descriptions you wrote to Boilerplate Notes, so any data you saved to share with patients is still ready to go.

Presentation details
Edit boilerplate notes
Share boilerplate notes
Shared handout document

We try to make drawMD’s features self-explanatory, but sometimes a quick video or tutorial is just the thing to find out how to make it work. We have added a link to drawMD’s product support website inside the application to help users learn the ropes. Help is hanging out in the navigation sidebar, right there in the middle.

drawMD help button
drawMD help site

We also significantly improved the load times on Content Library. That was really bothering me. But now it won’t bother you.

We hope you enjoy this update and as always please let us know about features and artwork that you’d like to see in drawMD.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development

So, what’s so great about this other drawMD?

In case you’ve missed what has been happening on the new drawMD platform, here’s a recap:

See drawMD in Action

Listen to Visible Health co-founder Dr. Alex Kutikov explain how he uses drawMD to explain robotic prostatectomy.

Work on iPhone, iPad, and Web

It’s not just for iPad anymore. With your drawings saved to the cloud combined with the power of drawMD’s new pan and zoom, you can use drawMD with your patients even if you forgot to carry your tablet and you only have the phone in your pocket.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Web and Android

Use One App for All Specialties

The new drawMD’s Content Library allows you to load as few or as many specialty content packs as you wish.

One app for all specialties

If you are using drawMD on a web browser or mobile device, you can print out a patient handout that includes your annotated drawing on the first page, and an optional second page of long-form notes to the patient.

Print handouts on desktop or mobile

On iOS, you can also send the patient handout as an attachment to a message sent from your device’s email app. In either case, the result is a beautifully formatted PDF. In the future, we will add more ways to share.

Email handouts on mobile

Receive New Art Content Updates

Since drawMD 3 is now at the end of its life, Visible Health will no longer be providing content updates to this iPad app. New drawMD will continue to receive the latest user-requested corrections and enhancements to existing backgrounds and stamps, as well as entirely new content packs that were never available in drawMD 3.

For example, Plastic Surgery is an new specialty only available on the new drawMD. We also recently added a new ERCP template into the Gastroenterology Template Pack that includes a series of stamps that help you quickly and effectively explain the procedure. We also added a number of stamps to help explain LVADs to the Valves & Cardiomyopathies template in the Cardiology Template Pack.

New gastroenterology content
New cardiology content