Launch - drawMD Advisory Board

Visible Health is continually striving to improve. In this spirit, the drawMD team kicked-off its first advisory board meeting last week. The advisory board is a volunteer community of key drawMD stakeholders and Visible Health staff dedicated to inspiring the future of drawMD, now available in 16 different specialties in the App Store.The advisory board will meet on a quarterly basis to engage in high-level discussions about the role of drawMD in the every-changing healthcare space and how to make it as vital to healthcare providers as the stethoscope.

By listening to the advisory board, the drawMD team is able to better understand the unique challenges and perspectives that different stakeholders have when leveraging drawMD at the point of care or in an academic setting. The advisory board also serves to provide input into future enhancements and priorities in the drawMD roadmap. The goal of the advisory board is simple: create an open multi-directional dialogue that ultimately results in the most relevant and useful patient education device possible.