drawMD Anesthesia & Critical Care 1.0 released in the App Store

The drawMD team has done it again, releasing the second installment in the drawMD series of iPad applications aimed at improving doctor-patient communication. drawMD Anesthesia & Critical Care is designed to aid a physician in improving patient understanding of proposed surgical procedures, or to help a patient gain better understanding of treatment options from their physician. Built on the same platform as drawMD Urology, drawMD Anesthesia & Critical Care offers a powerful set of drawing and markup tools and a library of specialty-specific backgrounds and image stamps.

drawMD Anesthesia & Critical Care in the App Store

Visit drawMD.com drawMD is a suite of applications for the iPad that enhance doctor-patient communication, tapping into the power of the mobile touch platform to help explain complex medical issues and possible medical and surgical solutions. Escalation Point has served as the product services partner for UrologyMatch and drawMD, providing product strategy, design, development, and product management services across all technology products.