drawMD API 1.6.0

Starting today we will be announcing updates to our backend software API here on the blog as well. This release introduces features designed to stabilize the upcoming dark beta-only release of the Rockstar Presentations feature.

Our one public-facing change is a change to how requests for Presentations are returned. Now any user who is in an organization with more than one user (Practice users) will see all of that organization’s Presentations in the Presentations list view. You get to see each other’s saved work and collaborate.

The rest of this release is all behind-the-scenes geek stuff. For those who are interested, we accomplished two things:

  1. We wired up the system to allow us to give select users permissions to access our beta features through the drawMD Beta license.
  2. We created a pipeline for publishing featured items in the Content Library from the Visible Health content cloud. We call it Upsells. Upsells allows us to display banners in the app to highlight the latest drawMD features and content without having to change the app’s code.

We hope you enjoy these little glimpses into what is going on behind the scenes and what is coming soon to the app.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development