drawMD API 1.7.0

We are very excited about this small but power-packed drawMD API release because it includes two capabilities we’ve been wanting to add for a long time: user-uploaded presentation backgrounds (aka custom backgrounds) and improved content management for templates and template packs.

User-uploaded presentation backgrounds

The API now supports presentations with custom or blank backgrounds. Users that update to drawMD 1.13 (web, iOS, or Android) and have either a Professional or Practice license will be able to create a new presentation from the presentation view and upload a PNG or JPG background image to markup and share.

Improved content management

Content (template packs, templates, backgrounds, and stamps) are now seeded directly from our content management system, dramatically reducing the content development and delivery cycle times, enabling us to better serve our clinical users.

As always we welcome all questions comments and feedback!

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development