drawMD ENT Available in App Store, With Help of Grace Medical

The drawMD family is expanding again, with the help of Grace Medical! The newest product, drawMD Otolarygology (ENT) is now available in the app store!

drawMD ENT in the App Store

drawMD breaks down barriers of patient engagement by creating products that doctors use to provide personalized, easily-understandable information about conditions and treatments without costing doctors valuable time.

We are thrilled to be sponsoring such a great physician and patient tool like drawMD. Grace Medical is dedicated to bringing the best technology available to the ENT marketplace, and drawMD directly relates to that goal. We’re very excited about the potential that drawMD can bring to the ENT field, and happy to be a part of that vision.

Mike Crook, Senior Vice President for Grace Medical.

John Cox, CEO and President of Visible Health, the company that creates drawMD, says:

We’re happy to have Grace Medical as a partner to help increase patient communications and engagement in the Otolaryngology field. Grace Medical’s commitment to new technologies is helping us reach more doctors to share this valuable service.

Using the iPad, doctors can create interactive visual guides as a way to explain complex issues and possible medical and surgical solutions. They simply select one of the detailed, anatomic images or upload their own, and then sketch, stamp, or type directly on the images. The images and stamps are preloaded into the app, and are tailored specifically to Otolaryngology. Doctors can share the images with the patient with a quick click. Saved files and emails can also serve as a permanent record of the discussion for office files and Electronic Health Records.

About Grace Medical:

Grace Medical offers the latest in technology for the Otolaryngologist. The Grace product line features an innovative and diverse offering of middle ear implants, stapes prostheses and ventilation tubes. Products are designed in conjunction with leading surgeons throughout the world and delivered with exceptional quality and service.

About drawMD:

Designed by two surgeons seeking to improve patient understanding of medical problems, drawMD improves the efficiency and clarity of patient consultations. Other drawMD applications include Urology, Anesthesia and Critical Care, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Female Pelvic Surgery and General Surgery. drawMD is the flagship product of Visible Health of Austin, TX.