drawMD hits the cloud!

We are super happy to announce that drawMD has officially graduated to the cloud with our most recent release - version 1.3!

Building on our work on the drawMD Unity platform, the 1.3 release introduces a handful of features that make it easier for individual clinicians and clinical organizations to incorporate drawMD into patient interactions. The Unity platform brings the power of drawMD to the web and across devices, and allows users to tailor the content of drawMD to suit their specific needs. With 1.3 we take the cloud-iness of drawMD to 11 with:

##Presentations in the cloud! Saved presentations created on any device now sync to your drawMD account and are available on any device. You can create and save a presentation on your laptop then use it on your phone or tablet in clinic.

  • I made the presentation here in Chrome...
  • ...and it syncs to my iPhone...
  • ...as well as my Android tablet!

##Favorites in the cloud! Favorite templates and presentations also sync to your drawMD account and are available on any device. Favorite your templates and presentations on one device and reap the benefits of your organizational skills everywhere!

##drawMD organizations! We now support creating organizations for drawMD users. This means that clinicians in the same organization will be able to share presentations and application configuration. Only available to drawMD Practice pilot sites, this is one of the steps in our journey to drawMD Practice!

##Desktop layout! We improved the layout of the drawMD application for larger screen sizes (i.e. laptop and desktop) to create a more pleasant drawMD experience!

##Availability drawMD Unity is available to a limited audience but that will be changing soon. Australian Urologists can receive a year’s complementary subscription and access to our Urology templates thanks to Astellas Pharma Australia. drawMD Unity is also available to members of clinical organizations that are participating in our drawMD Practice pilot program. Interested organizations can contact usvia email by clicking here.

drawMD Unity is available on the web at drawmd.visiblehealth.com and for Android devices from Google Play.