drawMD Lauches Pediatrics App

The drawMD team is expanding again with the release of Pediatrics!

drawMD breaks down barriers of patient engagement by creating products that doctors use to provide personalized, easily-understandable information about conditions and treatments without costing doctors valuable time.

drawMD Pediatrics is designed to aid a physician in improving parent and patient understanding of common pediatric conditions and treatment options. Drawings created can be emailed to the parent with a quick click, so parents know exactly what to expect, and the simple visual guide easily explains complex procedures or conditions in a non-threatening way. Saved files and emails can also serve as a permanent record of the discussion.

Communication is key to fostering a strong and growing relationship with pediatric patients and their families. Relaying complex medical concepts about both acute and chronic illnesses is a daily part of what Pediatricians do, and drawMD is an extremely useful tool to teach and guide families and their children. Not only hearing about but also seeing their illness through illustrations that are constructed right in front of the patient can be very important to a family’s understanding and subsequent compliance with treatment. Having an app like this makes each patient encounter much more worthwhile and effective. My patients have been very receptive and even thankful for the insights that drawMD helped me communicate to them.

&emdash; Jessica K. Kutikov, a Pediatrician in Voorhees, NJ

drawMD is a suite of applications for the iPad that taps into the power of the mobile touch platform to help explain complex medical issues and possible medical and surgical solutions. Designed by two surgeons seeking to improve patient understanding of medical problems, drawMD utilizes the iPad’s unique interface to allow anyone to sketch, stamp, or type directly on the detailed anatomic images included in the application. Other applications include Urology, Anesthesia and Critical Care, Orthopedics, Cardiology and General Surgery.

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