drawMD launches new OB/GYN app

The drawMD team is expanding again, with the help of Hologic! The newest product, drawMD OB/GYN, is now available in the App Store

drawMD breaks down barriers of patient engagement by creating products that doctors use to provide personalized, easily-understandable information about conditions and treatments without costing doctors valuable time. John Cox, CEO and President of Visible Health, the parent company of drawMD, says:

Partners like Hologic are critical to drawMDs success. Hologic’s sponsorhip allows us to not only reach more physicians, but allows us to provide even more detailed, medically correct stamps to use in images, creating a more thorough consultation experience and improving patient engagement and understanding.

Using the iPad, OB/GYNs can create interactive visual guides as a way to explain complex issues and possible medical and surgical solutions. They simply select one of the detailed, anatomic images or upload their own and then sketch, stamp, or type directly on the images. The images and stamps are preloaded into the app and are tailored specifically to each doctor’s preference. OB/GYNs can share the images with the patient with a quick click. Saved files and emails can also serve as a permanent record of the discussion for office files and Electronic Health Records.