Endoscopy Stent Tracker 2.1 Released

This version of Endoscopy Stent Tracker offers user-requested features and enhancements, as well as several fixes for minor user experience bugs. It also provides rudimentary support for multiple protocols and data collection for clinical studies.

Close Any Case from Case List

Users requested more ways to Close a case to remove it from cluttering the Case List dashboard. Users may now use the list item menu to close an active case in any workflow status category, in the Case List or Patient Detail. Any closed case can be Reopened in the same way. You can also close a case using the plus button menu on the Case Detail Timeline.

Close case from Active Cases list
Close case from Patient Detail
Reopen case from Closed Cases list
Close case from Case Detail timeline

Request Access Form

Boston Scientific requested that users have a self-service form for requesting access to the app. The Sign In view now sports a “Request Access” button which opens a form. The form sends to Visible Health, and we have automated forwarding to Boston Scientific for access requests submitted in production.

Request Access button
Request Access form

Multiple Axios Protocols

Visible Health intends to generalize this codebase to support a variety of device types and case types. We took the first step in that direction in this release by adding support for multiple Axios protocols, delivered as content from the cloud according to a user’s country and organization. We also provide available device details as part of this protocol. This feature allows us to offer different versions of a protocol to different users, each with differing events, device lists, or data questions. Clinical organizations can customize their data questions. A user in one country can access protocols for indications not available in other countries. All of these variations in protocols are easy-to-edit content in the Visible Health cloud.

Multiple protocols menu

Required Data Collection for Clinical Studies

Structured data collection can be extremely valuable to performing a post-market clinical study of a medical device. Endoscopy Stent Tracker now supports this use case by allowing protocol authors to optionally require data questions that must be completed by end-users at the time an event is edited. This requirement, when used sparingly, will assure consistency of data collected for a study.

Required data questions

In the course of adding support for required data questions, we realized that previously true/false data questions were not very clear in showing the difference between a false answer and an omitted answer. So we changed the widget to use an easy-to-tap switch. Checking the box for such a question now discloses a toggle switch. Tap again to set the question to true. Your data exports will be much easier to interpret.

True/false switch

Data Export

Speaking of data export, we improved the spreadsheets to have friendlier header names and a more comprehensive report of your data. Now all cases events are exported with their scheduled and completed dates, regardless if any data questions or answers were included.


We also addressed a number of bugs that were found in EST 2.0 and during testing of EST 2.1. Squish.

We hope you enjoy this update and as always please let us know about features that you’d like to see in the Endoscopy Stent Tracker.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development