Endoscopy Stent Tracker 2.2

This maintenance release of EST allows users to create cases based on AXIOSTM lumen-apposing metal stent protocols specific to gallbladder and bile duct placement, available to users outside of the United States. It also includes improvements to data export performance.

AXIOSTM Protocol Templates for Gallbladder and Bile Duct (Outside US)

For users outside of the United States, adding a case now offers a menu for you to choose between available protocol templates. In addition to the previous default of Lumen-apposing Metal Stents for Fluid Collection, you may now select LAMS for Gallbladder or LAMS for Bile Duct. Each of these protocol templates specify event, devices, and data elements specific to PFC, gallbladder, and bile duct indications, respectively.

New case menu
Indication-specific data collection

Data Export Improvements

We enhanced data export by adding some additional columns to help make sense of data when the exported data table joins together data surveys from different protocols. We added Creator Title, Workflow Status, Archived, Archived Reason, and Protocol Name. While we were in there, we also dramatically improved export performance for large data sets.

Bug Fixes

We repaired flaws in New Case Wizard Patient Picker, especially on Safari. Specifically: you may now modify a Patient in the Case Wizard without errors, you can clear out a Patient’s date of birth if you would rather enter MRN instead, and date inputs in Safari have better layout and labeling (as in, better than none!).

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development