EST 2.3 Release

This release of the EST application introduces a great deal of flexibility in the types of medical devices that we are able to track, allowing us to begin to introduce new protocol templates for other device types. We will be introducing protocol templates for the AdvanixTM line of plastic pancreatic and biliary stents. This release also addresses a handful of bugs in the application.

Expanded device support

The biggets change in this release is support for a more generalized device model. Protocol templates now specify device templates, which can represent any kind of medical device. For this EST application this allows us to support any kind of endoscopic device, each with any number of clinical protocols, clinical events, and clinical data collection. The first new devices to be included will be the AdvanixTM plastic pancreatic and biliary stents, which will be made available to select Boston Scientific customers.

Multiple device protocols
Advanix Pancreatic Stents
Advanix case in progress

Enhancements & bugs squashed

Beyond the exciting device features listed above, this release mostly includes addressing a handful of user interface issues that have cropped up in the application. There are improvements to the patient list and all throughout the new case wizard.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development