EST API 1.4.0

This EST API release is a major step forward towards being able to track any kind of medical device in the application.

Generalized device model

We have generalized the concept of device templates as a part of the protocol template, allowing for the modeling of devices having arbitrary specifications (unchanged for devices deriving from a device template, like physical characteristics of the device) and arbitrary parameters (things that are specific to the instance of a device, like a lot number or a use-by date).

Advanix stents

We also added support for Advanix insertion and extraction events to be able to support Advanix pancreatic and biliary stents. Finally we have included the protocol templates for the Advanix pancreatic and biliary stents so we can begin to make those available to end users.

Protocol template enhancements

Also included in this release are some small but significant enhancements to the protocol template model to allow for chaining of protocols, allowing for multiple devices on a protocol, and allowing for the exchanging of devices (i.e. a device swap). These features will be incorporated into protocol templates such as the Advanix protocol templates in the near future.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development