iMedicalApps review: “DrawMD Cardiology is a great tool to improve patient-clinician communication.

Our friends in the physician and clinician community at iMedicalApps have been longtime fans of the drawMD series of apps by Visible Health. We take great satisfaction in hearing from the front lines that drawMD is helping to make the most of the precious moments at the point-of-care for physicians, clinicians and their patients. Indeed, every moment counts.

Recently, Satish Misra, MD and cardiology fellow with Johns Hopkins authored a thoughtful review of drawMD Cardiology. Dr. Misra writes:

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Whether it’s primary prevention of atherosclerotic vascular disease in clinic or how an LVAD supplants the normal cardiac output in end stage cardiomyopathy, clinicians across many specialties will find themselves discussing cardiac disease with their patients.

I often find myself doodling a rudimentary heart or using Google Images to try to find a visual aid in those discussions. DrawMD from Visible Health aims to spare my patients from having to go through what seems more like a Rorschach test every time I try to draw my own visual aids or wait for me to find a suitable image online.

The app opens to a Menu screen where we’ve got several choices. Going to the New Drawing tab, we get several starting images. For example, lets consider a patient who just had an MI. Tapping on the heart image, we go to the drawing screen. Here, there’s a very dynamic set of tools to quickly and easily create high quality illustrations. And just like free hand doodles, the creation of the visual aid parallels the discussion you’re having.

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