Industry Partners

Industry Partners

Achieve clinical & business objectives with digital health solutions

Digital health has become an essential strategic component for pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostics products and marketing

There are many opportunities for a pharmaceutical, medical device, or diagnostic company to incorporate digital health tools into an overall marketing and product strategy. We are working with leading companies like Boston Scientific, Grace Medical, Astellas, and Change Healthcare, and clinical societies like ASGE to provide better tools for clinicians while working to achieve business and clinical engagement objectives.

How we can help

We're building the world's best patient education and care management platform and we're looking for partners like you to help us.

Patient Education

drawMD is one of the most widely-used mobile-first patient education platforms. Help your providers better explain conditions, procedures and treatment options with the power of interactive conversations by providing sponsored access to drawMD in your specialty areas.

Device Tracking

Help providers improve patient safety and compliance, and streamline workflows related to the use of medical devices. Like our Ureteral Stent Tracker and Endoscopic Stent Tracker, our device tracking solutions are delivered as a service on our secure cloud, mobile and web architecture.

Condition Management

Building on our infrastructure for patient education and shared workflow, we are collaborating with industry partners to deliver condition management solutions that support shared decision-making, activity tracking, and mutual accountability between providers and patients.

Sound like what you're looking for?

We're building and operating the next generation digital health infrastructure, helping thousands of providers deliver better care. Don't reinvent the wheel - let us help you make an impact too!

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Why partner with Visible Health?

You don't need a development shop or tools, you need a partner that distributes, operates and supports the platform and applications. That allows you to focus on your core compentencies while we focus on ours.

Clinician-First Focus

Every product we build and every solution we deploy is created as a collaborative effort with practicing clinicians in the field. From drawMD, designed by our co-founders to improve patient education efforts in clinic, to the Ureteral Stent Tracker, created with the input of over 20 practicing Urologists, we put the clinical user first.

Compliance is Critical

Data privacy and security are very real challenges in digital health and require substial investment and critical attention to detail. As a digital health service provider (not a development partner) we share in the risk of compliance and take it very seriously.

True Partner

We do everything we can to make your efforts and investment a success because we have a vested interest. Not only do we build and operate the applications, we gather feedback to vet ideas, provide support, help train end users, and more.

Have something else in mind?

Maybe we can still help, maybe we can't, but it never hurts to have a conversation.

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Working with the best to improve the point of care experience