Introducing drawMD Speech-Language Pathology

drawMD Speech-Language Pathology, like all drawMD apps, is now available for free download on iPad from the Apple App Store!Released on February 22, 2014, drawMD Speech-Language Pathology, is the 14th member of the drawMD family. Created in collaboration with Bonnie Lee, Ph.D., CEO and owner of All About Speech and Accents, drawMD helps Speech-Language Pathologists to better counsel their clients on relevant conditions, anatomy, and procedures through an easy-to-use and simple-to-understand visual framework.

While there are a few apps available to help clients improve their articulation and other apps that address dysphagia, drawMD Speech-Language Pathology is a comprehensive app that enables speech/language pathologists to counsel patients and their families on a wide variety of speech and language disorders. These include but are not limited to: articulation, voice disorders such as hoarseness related to vocal nodules , dysphagia (swallowing disorders), resonance disorders related to lip and/or palatal clefts, etc. Visual instruction helps patients learn to produce specific sounds, to perform particular oral/pharyngeal movements to improve swallowing function and to alter laryngeal function to improve pitch, loudness and voice quality. drawMD Speech-Language Pathology enhances patient communication for all speech/language disorders that have a physical basis.

— Bonnie Lee, Ph.D., CEO & Owner of All About Speech and Accents