KDIGO Mobile Clinical Guidelines Gets Social with Twitter

KDIGO Mobile( Apple App Store) has just released an update that empowers nephrologists across the world to connect and share through an easy-to-use Twitter integration. KDIGO Mobile users can highlight selected texts from the KDIGO Guidelines and tweet them with their own comments. All without ever leaving the app!

KDIGO Mobile’s new community tab now provides a window into the ongoing Twitter dialog among the world’s leading nephrologists. The community tab contains several nephrology centered feeds of Twitter, organized into different channels. This enables you to stay current, and participate, in the most relevant and important dialogs around nephrology. The community tab also enables users to interact with their own Twitter feeds by taping “My Feed.” Setting up KDIGO Mobile to interact with Twitter is quick and easy.

Step 1: Tap Settings

Step 2: Scroll down in ‘Settings’, tap on Twitter, and enter your Twitter user name and password. If you don’t have a Twitter account just tap ‘Create New Account’

Step 3: Open KDIGO Mobile and tap “My Account” and Sign In. If you don’t have a Visible Health Account just tap ‘Register’. Registration takes about one minute.

Step 4: Tap Community and join the conversation. Let us know by tweeting with #KDIGO, @goKDIGO, and @visiblehealth.