Medical Apps in Context - drawMD in the Clinical Setting

Average people become patients everyday, and everyday providers go to work treating them. The tools they reach for vary depending on the task, sometimes it’s a stethoscope and sometimes it’s a brochure for patient education, but more and more they’re reaching for apps, like drawMD. We don’t always hear about how or when drawMD is used, but occasionally we hear great stories from the front-lines of it being used at the point of care and the impact it can have on people’s lives. In the video below you’ll hear first hand experience from 4th year medical student Raja Narayan, MS4, MPH, about how drawMD can fit into, and improve, clinician workflow.

I’m not using this app in the elevator. I’m using this app at the bedside, next to the patient to help them better understand what the procedure is we are going to have to do, and make sure they are comfortable and understanding of it before we go forth and do it

This video was part of Apple’s Faculty Speaker series highlighting Dr. Warren Wiechmann of UC Irvine and how he has successfully integrated iPads into medical student training and education.

Watch the whole talk here!