Our CEO John Cox is part of TEDMED!

TEDMED wants to fix Medical Communication, and have asked us to help!

TEDMED has selected several Great Challenges, and are hosting online discussions with expert panelists for each topic. Our CEO and Co-Founder John Cox has been asked to participate as one of the expert panelists in Improving Medical Communication.

Visible Health’s flagship product, drawMD, solves this exact problem by providing physicians with a simple, interactive, visual way to explain complex conditions and procedures to patients. Patients can clearly see the process, eliminating all the medical jargon, and can take the image and notations with them to refer to later. The tool inspires collaboration, and unlike many other technologies, strengthens the physician/patient bond. Learn more about drawMD.

With new standards in physician accountability, combined with new tools for patients to be involved in their care, physician/patient communication is in the spotlight more than ever before. Physicians are not typically trained in interpersonal communications and are not rewarded based on their communication skills. Equally important, patients are often intimidated when talking to doctors and often feel they don’t have a receptive audience, especially when doctors are rushed. TedMED seeks to find what can be done about this on both sides of the challenge (patients and doctors) - including possible initiatives ranging from education to technology, to changes in the physical workspace.

In my roles at Visible Health and Escalation Point, I am fortunate to work closely with physicians and other clinical entrepreneurs. There are a number of challenges in my day-to-day experiences with clinical entrepreneurs that parallel the challenges that clinicians and patients face in their efforts to work more as a team. We believe that technology will make better collaboration possible to the benefit of the individuals involved as well as the healthcare system as a whole. I’m excited to be chosen as part of the TEDMED team, and look forward to shaping the future of healthcare.

John also serves as the Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Escalation Point, a health technology startup based in Austin, TX specializing in mobile applications, software applications, and incubating health IT startups.

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