TEDMED Great Challenges Hangout on Eliminating Medical Errors

I was honored to participate in another TEDMED Great Challenges discussion, this time on eliminating medical errors.

It was a good discussion, ranging from the scale of medical errors in the US to underlying factors contributing to solutions to address the problem. Like other TEDMED Great Challenges Topics, this one is fraught with challenges and is incredibly complex. My focus was on strengthening the relationship between the clinician and the patient, using technology to improve transparency, educate the patient, and create deeper engagement. I also hammered on the point of inclusion of the patient in the conversation as well as the feedback cycle within healthcare organizations:

Including patients in the 360 review of a clinical team is critical, without them its a 300 or 320 review! @epjohn #GreatChallenges

TEDMED (@TEDMED) September 26, 2013

I like that we ended the conversation with a minute each on small steps that can be taken to start to untangle the knot. And a lot of of those answers start with transparency of information and inclusion of the patient.

Thanks to @TEDMED for the opportunity to participate and the other folks that contributed to the conversation.