The Unbundling of the EMR (from referralMD)

An interesting analogy presented by Jonathan Govette, CEO of referralMD, is that the future of the EMR lies in startups biting off chunks of functionality from the EMR just as hundreds of startups have done with all-in-one services like Craigslist. The original article is here:

The Future of the EMR: How Unbundling will Change Healthcare

I think this is the logical direction for healthcare IT as interoperability and better standards emerge. You are also seeing startups (Visible Health included) that are reaching the point in maturation of their products where EMR integration starts to make sense. We are on the cusp of announcing our first direct integrations, paving the way for a more seamless experience and giving clinicians the option to use best-in-class tools while still contributing to and leveraging the health record.