Ureteral Stent Tracker 2.0 and Industry Workspace Released

##Improving our ureteral stent tracking system for broader release## We are excited to announce the availability of version 2.0 of the Ureteral Stent TrackerTM, created in collaboration with Boston Scientific! The new version has incorporated feedback from our pilot users, who have tracked over 500 utereral stent cases over the last several months. The application will be available to Boston Scientific customers over the next several months.

##Improved design to streamline tracking workflow## We listened to our pilot users and have streamlined the design and flow of the Ureteral Stent Tracker to make it easier for clinicians and their staff to capture and track cases.

##Improving security and ease of access## The UST 2.0 application, available in the browser and in the Apple App Store, is build on the HIPAA-compliant Visible Health platform. The application requires user authentication and access can be controlled via a user-set PIN code, making quick access easy while still staying secure.

##Industry parnters have better control with Industry Workspace## Along with the UST 2.0 release, we are proud to announce the initial release of our Industry Workspace application. This is a management console for our industry partners making it easy for them to manage invitations to individual clinical users and organizations.