Ureteral Stent Tracker from Visible Health

We all know the saying “never leave your friends behind”. In the world of urology, ureteral stents are considered friends because they help clinicians and patients get through some tough times when it comes to ureteral obstruction. The problem is that 13% of the time, these stents are left behind or forgotten and subsequently removed later than the 6 month intended maximal removal window (Tech Urol. 2000 Sep;6(3):189-92.). At 6 months, 76% of stents have become encrusted, which leads to higher risk of infection and often times requires additional, more complicated procedures to remove the stent (Urology. 2003 Oct;62(4):622-6.).

Never leave a stent behind

Traditionally, clinicians have used log books, stickers, note cards, and other means for tracking stent cases which, when done rigorously, can be very effective in minimizing the occurrences of forgotten stents. For those that may be a bit less organized and are looking for simple tool that leverages mobile devices, bar coding, and the web, check out our new Ureteral Stent Tracker solution. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time designing a system that focuses on ease of use, simplicity, reliability, and security.

Physician-Inspired Features

Simple to use mobile app for quickly capturing stent placement at point-of-care.

Choose from a list of existing patients, add a new one, or just snap a photo of the patient face sheet.

Scan Boston Scientific stent details with the camera or enter stent information manually.

Keep track of indwelling and overdue stents through the Clinical Workspace dashboard, on mobile or the web.

More information about the stent tracker can be found on our Ureteral Stent Tracker page.

How to get Ureteral Stent Tracker for your practice

We developed the Ureteral Stent Tracker in partnership with Boston Scientific and are very excited about making it generally available later this year.

If you are interested in signing up for the early adopter pilot program, please send us an email please send us an email