UST API 1.2.0

This API release introduces the Patient Share feature and an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing user preferences.

Using new endpoints, Clinicians will be able to keep track of assets (Care Plan packet PDFs) that they have shared with patients. They can also track the history of clinician and patient interactions with those Shares. New user preferences endpoints give clinicians user preferences to assist in managing and creating Shares.


The new shares endpoint introduced in this release allows clients to create and manage records of documents shared from a clinician to a patient.

Shares are objects that make record of a document which has been shared from a clinician to a patient. Shares have a PDF asset attached, which is a Care Plan packet which may optionally include Patient Education Resources. At present, all Care Plan packet PDF generation is delegated to the client, and this service provides no functionality for generating Share assets or transmitting them to patients.

Shares also include a history log, available via the share_history_logs endpoint. This endpoint can record and report all the interactions on the share, whether they be the clinician’s actions tracking which share method they used to initiate the share, or patient actions (part of the upcoming Patient Notifications feature).

Shares User Preferences

We also provide a handful of user preferences for managing Shares.

This release introduces a user_preferences endpoint which can store and manage simple key / value pairs. This new approach enables any client to add and manage key / value user preferences on an ad hoc basis in the service. Adding user preferences for a new client feature now does not require an update of the service software.

Not every user preference is satisfied by simple key / value pairs, though. For example, this release includes two user preferences which are user-orderable groups of data: user_preferences/share_note_presets allows users to make an ordered list from which they can choose boilerplate notes to add to Shares. user_preferences/resource_presets allows users to make an ordered list of ordered lists of patient education resource assets to be added to Shares. Both of these endpoints provide automatic server-side reordering. Clients can request a new order position for an entity in the user’s set of presets, and all the other members of the set will be assigned the appropriate order position to accommodate the change.

Very soon, we will finish updating the Ureteral Stent Tracker app to utilize these new capabilities. Keep an eye out for Patient Care Plan and Education Resource Sharing in UST 2.6.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development