UST API 1.3.0

This release introduces patient notifications for care plan events, specificaly ureteral stent extraction. Clinicians can now set up notifiers that will send a sequece of notifications, via email or SMS, that will remind a patient to return for stent removal when appropriate.

Notifiers and Notifications

Patient notifications are supported by the notifiers feature. A user can create a notifier for a case that specifies the mode of delivery (email or SMS), frequency of reminders, start date and end date. The notifier will then in turn create notifications that spawn messages to the patient about the upcoming event.

Introducing VH Bot

Notifications are sent on behalf of the clinician by VH Bot, our friendly chat bot. In addition to sending reminders, VH Bot can also provide information about the clinician/care team and information on VH’s patient privacy policy. He uses email and SMS as his primary means of communications, sometimes directing a patient to a webpage for additional information.

VH Bot

Controlled Release

The notifications feature is the first feature to use the features capability of the Core API. This allows us to control the availability of notifications by license, country, and organization. Notifications will be selectively exposed to users by organization to control it’s release and gather feedback we can use to improve the feature.

All the best,
Eric Hochhalter
Director of Product Development